rescaling pipe organ We started work on the 16' by getting new feet so the pipes would follow a standard progression. You can see that the stoppers are way at the top of each pipe. The scale is so small that they are pushed for volume, which makes them sharp. To compensate you pull the stoppers out -- but the pipes aren't long enough!
  • Faith pipe screen
  • wood pipe organ
  • pipes for organ
  • rescaling pipe organ
  • Faith Lutheran balcony
  • Faith Lutheran casework
  • pipe rescaling
  • Shortening wood pipes
  • cutting wood organ pipes
  • Modifying wood stoppers
  • painted rescaled pipes
  • view from the altar

Faith Rescaling

We were called in to evaluate a very small organ at Faith Lutheran in Prior Lake. Various electronic organ salesmen had declared the organ dead. In just a few hours we resurrected it. It was just in need of a standard service call. We found that it had originally been built for a practice room at Concordia College in Seward, Nebraska. Nobody knew when it was installed at Faith. Since it was designed for a practice room, the bass pipes were much too small to produce adequate bass for a church. We added larger pipes at the low end and cut off the original pipes to make them fat enough to produce adequate bass for the church.