Repaired Organ Valves Valves from the damaged wind chests after restoration with new materials.
  • Repaired Organ Valves
  • Pipe organ
  • pipes of a Trumpet
  • Back entrance to pipe organ
  • Cracked wood pipes
  • More pipe organ cracks
  • compound crack on organ pipe
  • Moldy organ pipes
  • Water damage to pipe organ
  • Chlorine to remove mold on pipes
  • Cracked organ pipe
  • wind chests covered with mold
  • Replaced damaged components
  • 16' Bourdon cleaning and repair
  • Pipe organ wind chests
  • Components inside the wind chests

St Luke Water Damage

Following a particularly snowy Minnesota winter, the Spring thaw revealed an unknown leak in the roof at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Minneapolis. The water found its way into a part of the organ in the chancel where the 16' Bourdon (wood pipes) gradually stopped working. Our task was to restore it.