Back entrance to pipe organ Most of the St. Luke's organ is above the ceiling, in the church tower. To get to it for tuning or servicing one must go out onto the church roof and then climb a ladder to reach this door on the tower. Then follows a walk on a narrow plank over the tone opening to the church below before reaching the relative safety of the organ chamber! Here, David Grandall is about to climb through the door.
  • Repaired Organ Valves
  • Pipe organ
  • pipes of a Trumpet
  • Back entrance to pipe organ
  • Cracked wood pipes
  • More pipe organ cracks
  • compound crack on organ pipe
  • Moldy organ pipes
  • Water damage to pipe organ
  • Chlorine to remove mold on pipes
  • Cracked organ pipe
  • wind chests covered with mold
  • Replaced damaged components
  • 16' Bourdon cleaning and repair
  • Pipe organ wind chests
  • Components inside the wind chests

St Luke Water Damage

Following a particularly snowy Minnesota winter, the Spring thaw revealed an unknown leak in the roof at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Minneapolis. The water found its way into a part of the organ in the chancel where the 16' Bourdon (wood pipes) gradually stopped working. Our task was to restore it.