IMG 0512 Cantilevered chest during installation
IMG 2488 New cantilevered pedal chest
IMG 2491 Complete with new 16' Trombone against the back wall, pipes in the Pedal cantilever. Note that pipes in front of the Swell do not match the "original" picture. Those pipes were dummies, and we placed the basses of the Great 8' Principal there.
StTimConsole Console, which was replaced around 2000
StTimReuter The Reuter organ before we started moving and adding pipes.

St. Timothy Lutheran, St. Paul, MN. This organ had received complaints ever since it was installed in the late 1960's. While well built, it simply did not have enough variety to fulfill musical requirements, and every organist had complained. We stood back and did some "root cause analysis" to determine what was actually wrong. The resulting work was very complex, made more so by keeping parts of the organ working while it was being modified.