Concordia University, St Paul, MN, Buetow Memorial Concert Hall, Schlicker tracker action organ.

Designed by Paul Manz who taught here, this was one of Schlicker's flagship instruments, located in a concert hall with dismally bad acoustics. A memorial gift sparked interest in a visual and acoustic renovation, which included organ improvements and cleaning. The keys were so worn that some had almost worn through the key tops. The original mechanical "tripper" combination action was failing. The stop action -- both the stop tabs and the slider action -- was unreliable. The adjustable bench was falling apart. We had the key covers replaced; built a new name board; replaced the slider stop action with an electric system (replacing the original pneumatic system); got a new bench and console lights; filled in a prepared stop on the Swell with a new 8' Oboe; added a new 4' Principal to the Positiv and replaced the wooden trebles of the 8' Gedeckt with metal; cleaned the entire organ and corrected numerous voicing irregularities.