First Congregational UCC, Eau Claire, WI.

We were brought in on an emergency service call to do some pre-concert tuning. We found this large organ terribly out of tune with itself. The pastor proudly told us the organ had been serviced annually, so he and the congregation were shocked when we presented a report with a long list of faults, not least of which was that the Swell Mixture could not physically be reached for tuning! The result was a project to remove all but the largest pipes for cleaning (done with the help of many volunteers); replace the cheap keyboards and straighten out the piston layout; a new nameboard more in keeping with the expected quality on a Holtkamp organ (it had been replaced); restoration of the 16' Trumpet on the Great (which had been mute for many years); a new chest in the swell to hold the mixture and 1' so they can be tuned; repairs to the swell mechanism; repairs and restorative voicing to most of the organ.