Project Gallery

Shown here are some examples of projects we have worked on. The scope is large, ranging from rescaling pipes to complete new organs within the old case or chamber.

Cross of Glory

Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Park,MN. The organist's complaints about difficulty of seeing stop names and piston numbers was the start of what turned into a large project. Ultimately many ranks were moved around and revoiced to get better ensembles. A missing tremulant was added; swell shades were modified ... More

St Timothy Lutheran

St. Timothy Lutheran, St. Paul, MN. This organ had received complaints ever since it was installed in the late 1960's. While well built, it simply did not have enough variety to fulfill musical requirements, and every organist had complained. We stood back and did some "root cause analysis" to determine what was ... More

First Congregational, Eau Claire

First Congregational UCC, Eau Claire, WI. We were brought in on an emergency service call to do some pre-concert tuning. We found this large organ terribly out of tune with itself. The pastor proudly told us the organ had been serviced annually, so he and the congregation were shocked when we presented a report with a ... More

Peace Lutheran

Peace Lutheran Church, Plymouth, MN. Originally a tracker organ by Marklove, this organ had found its way to Peace with some pedal stops from First Presbyterian in Rochester (Reuter). We found some pipes were missing, many pipes were leaning, voicing was desperately needed, an added Trumpet was too loud for the rest ... More

Concordia University, Buetow Concert Hall

Concordia University, St Paul, MN, Buetow Memorial Concert Hall, Schlicker tracker action organ. Designed by Paul Manz who taught here, this was one of Schlicker's flagship instruments, located in a concert hall with dismally bad acoustics. A memorial gift sparked interest in a visual and acoustic renovation, which ... More

Gethsemane Lutheran

Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Hopkins, MN. The Reuter organ at Gethsemane was installed in the early 1960's and was prepared for addition of a Choir division. When organist Joan Elander was tragically killed in a hit and run accident while walking with her husband, that knowledge was lost and the organ has remained ... More

St Martin's Episcopal

St Martin's Episcopal Church, Minnetonka Beach, MN. An otherwise well built tracker organ by John Nordlie has suffered the typical effects of age. The stop and combination actions had become unreliable. Swell shades originally enclosing the Great (except for the facade 8' Principal) had been removed early on and ... More